Writing a Play Depicting an Issue in the Society

We’ve learned so many ethical concepts here at Liger, and we want to have a platform where we can share those ideas with others, especially Cambodians. So this year, we started a mobile theater project, and I was glad to be part of the writing group this round. Our mission is to share with rural Cambodians ideas relating to healthy relationships amongst each other, as well as raising awareness about plastic pollution, marine conservation, and education, through short plays. This term I was part of the team that wrote a play reflecting a problem in the society, particularly body image.

It’s a challenge to create a play regarding sensitive issues, like body image. We want to clearly convey that it is a problem in a way that is not offensive and controversial. In order to do that, we need to be careful about every part of our play by making sure the play is not oversimplified (loosely communicate the problem), does not contain stereotypical characters or inappropriate joke relating to the topics. It is extremely crucial that we keep those things in mind as change agents. We want to raise awareness about a problem, while we avoid turning it into a controversial topic.

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