Learning to Manage a Newspaper

In the second round of managing Liger Edge, we did something a little different. Diversity is a value that Liger has, so it only makes more sense if we reflect that in the newspaper. This means we extended the writing responsibility beyond the Liger Edge team to other senior students.

Students in the senior cohort were all required to write a Liger Edge article as part of their literacy class. Each of them signed up to write at least one article. They had the option to write it in any weeks or category they wanted and due dates are assigned to them.

A sample of the sign-up sheet with categories and dates

So what did I learn from that experience as the editor in chief?

  1. It takes patience to be a facilitator. This experience allowed me to briefly put myself in learning facilitators’ shoes. This experience is similar to giving an assignment to students, except this is me giving it to my classmates. I had to keep in mind giving clear instructions for everyone to avoid miscommunication. I realized that even with instructions given in a few forms, we can’t fully escape miscommunication and questions that can be answered from those instructions. So I simply learned to be more patient.
  2. A lot of people don’t like to write. Even though I find writing interesting, many don’t agree with me. When the assignment was given to the students, many of them didn’t look forward to it. There needed to be an incentive to motivate them to write, and in this case, it was the points for literacy class. Since Liger is not a point-driven academy, we don’t really like that idea. So we’re trying to find a better way to motivate more students to enjoy writing.
  3. Communication is key. Since last round of being Liger Edge, I knew I had to communicate with many people. This round, more people are involved in the project, meaning I had to learn to communicate better with more people. Often times, I reminded the writer when their articles are due and communicate with them when there are edits that they need to make.

Beside editing articles, I’ve also written some myself this round. Click here to see an article I’ve written about clean energy in Cambodia.

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