How to Create a Good First Impression Through Email Writing

In the professional field, whether it is school or work, it is important to be able to write a concise and purposeful formal email. In this world of networking, the ability to communicate well through writing can be really helpful in creating a good first impression with someone — a potential mentor, business partner or employer — since a well-written email may indicate professionalism and dedication.

The second round of literacy was all about effective communication, and email etiquette was part of the course. An important takeaway for me about writing an email was to keep the email concise and professional. We should consider that the recipient is probably really busy and we are asking them to spend time on us, and by keeping the email to the point, we’re doing us and them a great favor.

There are many components to constructing a well-written formal, including the subject line, salutations, introductions, purpose, and conclusion. To put what we learned about email etiquette to action, we were required to write a formal email to a made-up fashion company to request for an internship. So below is the written email, broken down into different components

Subject: Request Information About Internship


Dear Mrs. Ellie Holte,


I hope this email finds you well. My name is Thathiny Tep, from the Liger Leadership Academy in Phnom Penh. I am writing this email regarding the internship opportunity offered by your fashion design company, Blossom. I heard briefly about this opportunity from my learning facilitator here at Liger.

[Content and purpose]

I am interested in the position assistant market researcher and believe that position is suitable for me. I know that Blossom is known as one of the most successful business in Cambodia and it would be a great pleasure if I get to experience working there. However, I’m still unclear about the requirements for the applicants since you haven’t had much information about this opportunity on your website, so I’m writing to request for further information and how to apply.


I am looking forward to your response regarding my inquiries and applying for the position.

[Final salutation]

Best regards,


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