Angle and Perpendicular Bisector; Constructing Parallel Line & Similar Triangle

On the last of the first term at Liger year, I did a geometry activity in math class. I did angle bisector (cut angle in half) and perpendicular bisector (find the perpendicular for a line) to find find the similar triangle of triangle XYZ, which XY = 10cm, YZ = 9cm and ZX = 6cm. I bisected ∠XZY and perpendicular bisected line YZ. To do those things, I used a ruler and a compass. Next, I labeled the intersection point of the two line as P. Then, I made a parallel line using a set square through point P. After that, I labeled the point that this line meet line XY as Q and the point that it meets line XZ as R. Finally, we can see the triangle QRX is similar (in proportion) triangle to XYZ.

The diagram showed
The final work