Google Science Fair Video

At the end of the Google Science Fair project, the members who joined it came together to plan a video to get Liger students to join Google Science Fair next year. We spend two hours fiming it. On the weekend I spend about an hour editing this video. I hope you enjoy this video.

Google Science Fair (GSF)

This year, I spent two terms of Wednesday Expertise working on Google Science Fair. It is a global competition, which we choose a science concept and conduct experiments for it. I chose to work with a partner, Vattey to create biodegradable styrofoam because it is one of the big problem that cause pollution. The deadline of submitting this competition is midnight (westcoast time) on the 17th of May. I submitted it at about 5:30 pm, Cambodia time. Click here to see my team submission, which contain more information about my project!

Liger Tour Guide

This year, every student at Liger are trained to be the Liger Guide, touring guests around Liger. I have tour a group of parents and students from Kandal Stueng district, Kandal province. The students came here to take the last step of their test to attend Liger Learning Center.

Leading the way for the parents and students
Leading the way for the parents and students

Wildlife Festival

On the 19th of March, I went to the new Ministry of Environment. I didn’t know that they have changed the location of the ministry, until I went there. I went there to join the second day of the wildlife festival.

Two of my friends presented about their experience with writing the Illustrated Guide to Wildlife of Cambodia. I was very impressed with their speech. Then, there were some speeches by the people there and the Minister of Environment. I remember one thing he said about wildlife: if you want hunt or eat animal from the forest and you don’t want it to be extinctf, you can feed them and keep the rest in the forest. I think it is a very smart idea.

After that, there were some presentations at different booth. I joined the place where a man  talked about his project of educating people to conserve wildlife. He showed us the presentation that he would show the students, teacher and villager that he talke to. There were some parts were tell us how people use wildlife (example: they use animal for food, medicine, souvenirs and etc.). Then, he would explain people not to those bad things.

On the rooftop of the Ministry of Environment
On the rooftop of the Ministry of Environment

Vase made in Blender

I had a class on using Blender as my Expertise. I spent about three class period (1 hour per class) working on this project.

My vase is finished in Blender software
My vase is finished in Blender software

Photgraphy Expertise

One of my first round Expertise was “photography”. I was required to be in this class because I needed to prepare for take photos for the Phnong book. Below are some photos that I look at Liger and in Mondulkiri during my trip (using my teacher’s Iphone).

  • The view of house number four from a door of a science lab