Decorate a Mug

On Wednesday, my After School Extension (ASE) is called “Craft”. We did a lot of projects during this round of ASE, including collage; marble magnets; decorating mug. My most favorite project is decorating the mug. I decorate it with four colors of sharpie. There are purple, green, magenta and brown. I drew a the letters “Live”, “Laugh” and “Love” with some symbols.

Collage Mug

Advanced Reading (AR) Extension

One of a literacy program that is include in After School Extension is Advanced Reading. I was one of the advanced reader at Liger since the second year. The reason this is an extension because we don’t have enough time to read during literacy class. Currently, I am reading a book called “Unbroken”. It is about a man named Louie. It talks about how he survive on an ocean for 27 days.

Unbroken book

Football Extension

As one of my extension, I have football. I am not one of the people that is really love football. but I still join it because sports are great for our health. At Liger, we play devide into two football classes, one for girls and one for boys. We are preparing for the competition with a school after the first holiday of this year (October).

My football team members with our coach in the middle
My football team members with our coach in the middle