On the 27th of January, 2017 I submitted a science paper to an international competition, ISWEEEP. It is a competition that we can work on projects related to energy, engineering and environment, to solve a problem. I’ve worked on a project to make a type of biodegradable styrofoam/packaging, since styrofoam is a hazardous substance for the environment. The project took me a year to work on it. This was a very amazing experience for me to write a 16-page paper. I learned a lot on how to set up any experiments. Along the way, I made a lot of mistakes that would ruin the experiment, which means I had to do it again and again. I always learned from those mistakes, even though it’s a small thing. For example, once I baked my sample all at once, but forget to label it, so I don’t know which one is which experiment. The next time I did it, I make sure that I won’t forget to do any important things. Below is the paper that I wrote, you can check it out to know more about my project.