Song Lyrics Video

In Jan’s literacy class, everyone worked in teams to make videos using lyrics from different songs. My worked with two other friends and our songs were “Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love for You”, “Try Everything” and “Crarity”. We made a story about a triangle love. Please enjoy the story  below.


Writing a Sonnet

We dreamed that one day we will go to where

that doesn’t exist, no danger, no fears.

This world would have a perfect, pensive pair.

We’d never cry to let out our tears.

Have you ever wonder how we can sleep.

It will not be as easy as you think.

We close one eye extremely tight and deep.

Wait, then we would find ourselves snoring.

We do not eat food and drink water, yes.

We drink food and eat water, this is it.

Don’t think we are crazy, it’s not a mess.

But, the same thing we both do is we sit.


To end this poem we would like something.

Don’t say we’re silly, please like these rhyming.

Advanced Reading (AR) Extension

One of a literacy program that is include in After School Extension is Advanced Reading. I was one of the advanced reader at Liger since the second year. The reason this is an extension because we don’t have enough time to read during literacy class. Currently, I am reading a book called “Unbroken”. It is about a man named Louie. It talks about how he survive on an ocean for 27 days.

Unbroken book

Year One Notebook Reflection

My English has improved a lot from year one. In the notebook, I saw a project called N.V.A Story. In the writing, I found some mistakes that I would not make now like superlative adjective mistakes and possessive mistakes. Also, my reading level was around I and K, but now my reading level is around V and W. My comprehension checks for those books were short in year one and in year three, my comprehension checks were about three times longer. I think it is because the questions are harder. I also found one easy spelling mistake: I spelled “farther” and I meant “father”. In one comprehension check, I saw a sentence that’s missing a word. The sentence was “My father go to the that he work.” and I meant “My father went to the place that he worked”. I found one redundancy mistake: message it means idea. Verb tense mistakes were shown a lot in my notebook, examples: I was rang to him everyday, the picture look real. In my year one notebook, my handwriting was neat but by the time I get to the middle of the book my handwriting was messy.

I Go to an Unusual School

The first assignment I got in Jan’s literacy class (writing literacy class) is to write about going to an Unusual School, which is Liger. My teacher said my writing was one of the best writing. Below is the link to the pdf file of my writing.

I Go to an Unusual School – Thiny

I go to an Unusual school
My friend and I with the new Banner at the background

Literacy Goal for Christmas

By Christmas, everyone at Liger has their own goal for literacy. I have two goals. The first goal is to write with more sensory information. That means write with more adjectives and feeling. Another is to read and speak with more expression. Caroline, my literacy teacher said that they are good goals for me.