Cambodian Dynamite – Entrepreneur

My last Exploration for the year is Entrepreneur, which we continued to develop the chilli sauce business. There were teams divided and I was in the advertising and label team. My teams roles were to collaborate with CBX to finish designing the logo, create a flyer and develop a facebook page. At the end of the Exploration, we looked at the financial plan that’s made by the financial planning team. It seemed like we won’t meet our breakeven point until the fourth or the fifth year. So, we were throwing some ideas of what we can do with our business. I came up with an idea of selling the business to an entrepreneur. So I wrote a post in facebook about finding an entrepreneur, who can buy our business.

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The group members
The group members


Cambodian Dynamite Logo
Cambodian Dynamite Logo
Cambodian Dynamite Flyer
Cambodian Dynamite Flyer
A shot of the chilli sauce
A shot of the chilli sauce
The label that's done by CBX
The label that’s done by CBX

WAT, Cambo Youtube Channel

The final product of Mysterious Talents (my fourth Exploration) is a youtube channel that’s called “WAT, Cambo”. It stands for “What A Talent, Cambodia”. We spent seven weeks working on the videos that we posted in there. We also traveled to four different province and Phnom Penh to collect those videos. There are different videos including produts from bamboo and palm tree, arts and etc. All the videos in there are in Khmer with English subtitles.

There were four girls (including me) and a learning facilitator working on this channel.

This is one of my favorite video that I edited.

the logo of the channel
The logo of the channel

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Trip to Four Provinces – Mysterious Talent

The fourth round of my Exploration is Creat Your Own Exploration (CYOE). My CYOE is called Mysterious Talent. My team and I took a field trip to four different provinces to find out many different talents that Cambodian people have. The provinces that we went to were Kompong Cham, Kompong Speu, Kampot and Kep.

While we were there, we took a lot of videos using video camera and the boom mic. It was a lot of fun trying to use all those equipment. We are planning to make a Youtube channel to put all those 23 videos to show to other people how amazing Cambodian’s talents are.

  • A picture through a mirror at the palm sugar maker's house


Liger Senior Cookbook

My third Exploration is making a cookbook for Liger. Because Liger students will live on our own, calculate our own budget and cook the food by ourselves, we make a cookbook that contains about 60 recipes and about 130 pages.

There are three groups, recipes research; photography; book editing. I was a member in the book editing team. One of the things that I did for the book is finding and writing nutrition facts, cool tips, history and health benfits for diffent ingredients in each recipe. One of my challenges is looking for consistency for the book, some examples are writing the full word of tablespoon instead of acronyms and spring onions instead of green onions. My favorite thing to do is writing the descriptions for the eight sections that we have. There are breakfast, beef, pork, chicken, salad and vegetable, soup, meatless and slow cook. Below is one of my favorite descriptions.

Rice is the most important food grown in Cambodia. Cambodia exported 200,000 tons of rice to 48 countries in 2014. Most farmers here grow rice. Noodles are also a large part of our traditional diet. Cambodians usually eat noodles for breakfast, as well as some other meals. These types of food can be cooked in an abundant variety of ways. This section will reveal some of the rice and noodle recipes that we can cook.

Below are the photos of the team and some of the food that we have in the book.

  • Group members




Interior Design Exploration -First Students’ Own Exploration

My second Exploration for the fourth year was called Khmer Interior Design (KID). This is one of the first Explorations that are created by students. There were six members in my team, three girls and three boys.

In this Exploration, we learn the interior design and share it to Cambodians. We notice that most of the interior designers are foreigners, not a lot are Cambodians. There are a lot of new buildings that are developing now and that’s the sign of needing more interior designers. We want to encourage Cambodian to be interior designers because we want Cambodians to have work to do. Also, we want to help accomplish one of Liger’s construction by designing one of the rooms or apartments.

We were given a lot of helps (from our facilitators,Dom and Phallin, and Benita, from Iching) in order to complete designing an apartment near the Liger’s sport court. We divided into three teams. There are the kitchen and living room team, the bedrooms team and the bathroom team. I was in the kitchen and living room team with my partner.

One of the big work that I did for the kitchen was to design the kitchen work space. This kitchen part was made from rubberwood. Below is the 3D views of the kitchen and the almost-finished look of the apartment.

  • The team member working


The Phnong Indigenous Minority Book

For the first Exploration at this year, I worked on a book about Phnong indigenous minority. I wrote many parts and edit a lot of writing, specifically the introduction and the conclusion part. The book are both in Khmer and English and there are five contents , introduction, belief & ceremony, traditional livelihood, education & biography and conclusion. Below are the pictures of the book.

  • The cover

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