Discussing Global Security at the 2018 ISPPMUN

Friday 26th October marked the first day of ISPP Model United Nation (MUN) 2018. From 16 different schools and three countries, 400 students gathered to discussed global issues in this event. I was honored to be one of them.

In this year’s MUN, I attended the security council. Even though this committee is known to be the most serious and quite intimidating, I took on the challenge to try something new. In this committee, we discussed the security issues in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ukraine, and Libya.

Representing the delegate of Kazakhstan, I, along with the delegate of Equatorial Guinea, wrote a resolution on the situation the Democratic Republic of Congo. Typically, there are six or seven delegates working on a resolution. So, it was really challenging for the two of us to write one whole resolution. We ended with a completed resolution with nine operative clauses (solutions).

Working on the resolution

It was really tough debating in the security council. Many experienced delegated looked for resolution with good intention, which we had, as well as clear methods of how those solutions can be established. Since it was my first time in this council, my solutions did not include detailed procedures. This was why the resolution did not pass when all delegates in the committee vote on it.

All delegates, and chairs (facilitators) in the security council

Despite the fact that this particular MUN taught me a lot, I discover that discussing security is not my thing. I flashed my memory back to last year’s conference when I was in the environmental council, and how I enjoyed it more. However, this doesn’t make the world’s security issue less important to me.

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